5 Questions With The Howling Bullets

Over here at GEEKPR0N HQ, we get down to all kinds of music. But the point is that we get down. Toronto quartet The Howling Bullets are no strangers to shaking up a dance floor (or our asses) – in fact, they even come prepared with their own go-go dancers. If you haven’t had a chance to hear them yet we’ve included a track after the jump to make sure that you do, and you’ll feel like you’re in an awesome dance party scene of your new favourite sci-fi B movie.

GEEKPR0N: Describe your musical style in 140 characters or less.

DANO VILLANO: Horror rock. It’s all original songs, no covers. We mix Delta blues, rockabilly, and punk and give it a horror edge. It’s a bloodbath, it’s fun!

If your band could have any superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it?

JORDAN SANE: Well, who wouldn’t want to be able to fly all over the world?! It would certainly save on touring costs and we could escape all of those ravenous fans lined up outside our hotel rooms when needed.

Who would be on the bill of your dream tour; dead, alive or fictional?

JS: That’s really 3 different questions. Personally, I would have to say that, as for an active touring group, I would love to see what The Howling Bullets could do in front of The Misfits’ crowd. As for dead (RIP Lux) we feel like we were born to share a bus with The Cramps; barreling down highways across North America. And fictional? Since the Munsters never formed a band, I would love to spend a year partying on the road with The Gruesomes from The Flinstones. They really knew how to jive!

Star Trek or Star Wars?

DV: We’d bribe Scotty with finely aged Scotch to set the transporter for a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. I’d like to see how Kirk does in the Mos Eisley Cantina. Spock could bust out the harp and jam.


What have you been up to lately and what can we look forward to from The Howling Bullets?

JS: The last year has been really busy and the coming year is shaping up to be even more so. We’ve been fortunate to play sold out shows in Toronto and we just completed recording our debut EP that we will release on March 3rd (on CD as well as on iTunes, Puretracks, HMV and Chapters/Indigo – shameless plug!). Our live show is a rockin’, dancin’ good time and you never know what you’ll see. We pull out everything from Day of The Dead suits to skull paint to Voodoo outfits to horror movie costumes, depending on our mood that night. So when you add that to our energy, lights, smoke machines and our seductive gogo-dancing vamps, you just have to come see us live and be ready to have a wild time!

The Howling Bullets release their 6 song EP “From The Public Domain!” on Saturday March 3 at the Cadillac Lounge. Special guests are Ginger St James and Ancient Chinese Secret. The cover is $10, doors at 9pm. The Howling Bullets hit the stage around 11pm.

Keep up to date on everything related to The Howling Bullets by going to their website,

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