5 Questions With Wordburglar

Wordburglar is a Canadian hip-hop artist who piqued my interest by claiming to be “a strong contender for the rapper most likely to be quoted at the water cooler” and after nodding my head along to his upcoming 3rd full length, ‘3RDBURGLAR’ I can’t disagree. It’s rare for hip-hop to stick in my head as easily as bubblegum pop, but Wordburglar does it with lyrics that are sharp, clever and most importantly, make you go oooh SNAP.

In anticipation of ‘3RDBURGLAR’ which drops on May 11, Wordburglar answered our ‘5 Questions’ and included the video for his single, ‘Rhyme O’Clock’ which is full of nerd swagger. Keep reading to see all his answers and watch a DJ driven Millennium Falcon, Robocop’s nemesis and more in the new video.

GEEKPR0N: Describe your musical style in 140 characters or less.

Wordburglar: Noggin’ nodding, rhyme-based lyrical fun with classic hip-hop flavour & meekness.

 If you could have any superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it?

WB: The ability to make people relax and not be dicks to each other.

Who would be on the bill of your dream tour; dead, alive or fictional?

WB: Chuck D, Masta Ace, Mitch Hedberg, Dave Chapelle & Emily Haines.

Star Trek or Star Wars?

WB: Though Star Trek is a much more positive universe filled with utopian ideals and incredible technology, Star Wars was and always will be my first love.

What have you been up to lately, and what can we look forward to coming up from Wordburglar?

WB: Just finished my new album 3rdburglar and releasing it this month in time for summer touring. Also I’ve got a new issue of my comic series Snakor’s Pizza dropping in August at Fan Expo. Come say hi!

Check out Wordburglar’s new video, ‘Rhyme O’Clock’ and pick up ‘3RDBURGLAR’ on May 11 at The El Mocambo in Toronto.

More Wordburglar goodness can be found at

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