6 Sneak Peek Images from Breaking Bad’s Season 5 Premiere

I’ve spent the past few weeks mainlining the first four seasons of Breaking Bad in preparation for the Season 5 premiere “Live Free or Die” on July 15th.

It’s been a dizzying trip down the rabbit hole watching Walter White (Bryan Cranston) transform from desperate, meek, and too-proud school teacher into Heisenberg, the hardened no-nonsense meth manufacturer and tough guy with killer survival instincts. It’s a transformation that was almost so smooth that we have to wonder how long that was boiling underneath.

Breaking Bad has left viewers permanently perched at the edge of our seats wondering what will come next for Walter White, Skyler, Jesse, Mike and the rest of the well drawn supporting cast, because it always seems that nothing is off limits and anything can happen and as this critically acclaimed series heading into it’s final season it seems as though all bets are off.

Click more for six sneak peek images from the season 5 premiere.

breaking bbad -episode-501-walt-jesse-Live Free or Die

Breaking Bad episode-1season 5 -hank

Breaking Bad Season 5 episode-1-jesse-walt-mike

Breaking Bad Season 5 episode-1-joe-walt-jesse-mike

Breaking Bad Season 5 episode-1-mike

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