A G33K’s Guide To NXNE: Saturday

If you’re still standing (and if we are), check out where you can find us for the last night of North By Northeast.


Art vs Science @ Yonge Dundas Square (4pm)
It’s one thing to be influenced by an act – but it’s quite another to leave one of their concerts and decide to form a band on the spot. For party-starting Antipodean electro-funk trio Art Vs. Science, Dec 22nd 2007 was the date, Daft Punk was the band; and I guess you can presume the swift arrangement was just chemistry.

Take Drugs @ The Great Hall (10pm)
Loud, troubled and supremely hook-y new punk band featuring ex-members of Scratching Post, Citizen Kill, Iron League and various other bands: “Good music played by bad people with bad breath and dirty fingernails.”

Life In Vacuum @ The Detour Bar (11pm)
Nimble At The Drive-In style, time signature swtiching math-rock with sludgey Refused dynamics from a Waterloo trio.

Teenage Head @ The Great Hall (12am)
Half rockabilly and half Ramone, these Canuck punk icons are still bashing out straight ahead rock and roll for those that never got to catch Dee Dee & co. first time around.

A Primitive Evolution @ Hideout (2am)
“From their roots in Toronto’s underground rock scene to their unrivaled, uninhibited stage show, this band takes hard rock and grunge and pumps groove and sex back into it. Featuring members of Lye, Playdead Cult, and Darkside.”

Where will YOU be for the final night of NXNE?

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