Adult Wednesday Addams: She’s All Grown Up.

“My parents are despicable monsters and I’m grateful for that, but I can’t sleep in my childhood coffin forever…”

The original goth girl is back, and she’s moving out on her own!

Adult Wednesday Addams is a web series that follows everyone’s favourite raven-haired, pigtailed girl as she ventures out into the real world, and into real-life situations. The series begins with her getting her first apartment, and follows along with other young adult “firsts”…first job, first online date, first one-night stand, first…trip out to get the morning after pill…you know, every girl’s struggles as they experience life outside the nest.

You’ll be happy to know that Wednesday is exactly as we remember her, from the original Addams Family series in the 60s, to the more recent 90s remake. Blunt, creepy, sarcastic, and a bit sadistic. But in the cutest way. Star (and the series writer) Melissa Hunter captures Wednesday perfectly, and does the character complete justice.

The first 6 episodes are online, subscribe to their YouTube for updates! 🙂

Episode 1: The Apartment Hunt

Episode 2: Job Interview
Episode 3: Internet Date
Episode 4: Dog Walker
Episode 5: One-Night Stand
Episode 6: Planned Parenthood


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13 Comments on Adult Wednesday Addams: She’s All Grown Up.

  1. Donald

    that was pretty awesome. great job. always loved the addams family and really enjoyed the 6 episodes I watched. Thanks 😀

  2. Dan

    I stumbled upon this and saw your picture Laura..Thought it looked familiar. Turns out I know you irl, and have for a very long time.

  3. Terry Ogden

    Loved the Adams family as a kid, and the new one. Great job on this series of skits, and great pick of the family to work with. Can’t wait for episode 7, great job and thanks for posting

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