Android Gets A New Tamagotchi App; iPhone Users Weep (For Now)

This is literally the only time I’ve wanted an Android.

Tamagotchis are back, everyone. IN APP FORM!

Bandai Co. and Sync Beats Entertainment are hoping to revive the 90s craze (that you were totally obsessed with, don’t lie) by re-hatching Tamagotchis 16 years after they first hatched, in mobile form for Android smartphones with versions 2.3 and up. (An iPhone version is in the works, but I’m impatient and need to make a big deal out of everything.)

Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. (Love is fun everywhere) has unlockable backgrounds, characters, and shells, and has two modes: normal, which mimics the original game, and an enhanced mobile mode, which lets you play rock, paper, scissors with your pet (aw!). As it goes in the original, you take care of your let by feeding, playing with, and disciplining it if it’s bad. If you ignore or neglect your pet, it dies, and you’ll feel really bad about it.

Someone killed mine on the school bus once. I never forgave him.

The app itself is free on the Google Play store, with an ads-free version for $0.99.

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