Arkham Knight’s First-Person Mod Takes Combat to a Whole New Level

Rocksteady Studios practically redefined action-adventure combat when Batman: Arkham Asylum and its “Free Flow Combat” mechanic burst onto the scene in 2009.  Influencing franchises from Assassin’s Creed to Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and only improving with later installments of the Arkham games, the studio’s counter-strike-stun system was all about immersing players into the intense levels of action.

And now things are more intense than ever, thanks to a first person free-roam mod on the PC.

The video comes to us thanks to YouTube modder Heiter Fraga, and shows off Nightwing taking on goons stationed across the evacuated Gotham found in Arkham Knight. Fraga also has videos of Batman, Robin, and several other characters free-roaming in first person, but Dick’s fighting style seems to best suit the close up view. Skip ahead to around the 2:20 mark of the video to catch one of its coolest fights.

No character besides Batman is presently available for free-roam in the non-modded and console versions of the game, but there’s still a chance that the game’s upcoming DLC, “Gotham City Stories” – set to star Batman’s allies in missions before and after the events of the main game – may change that.

I’m still not sold on virtual reality gaming, but if you can get me an Oculus headset that puts me face to face with Gotham’s worst like this, my money’s all yours.

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