Backstreet Boys & Destiny Music Video

Alright Guardians, let’s take a step on the funny side.

We all know Destiny is a fun game.  It has found a great balance between fast paced FPS action and story telling.  The Taken King has done a lot to improve the game play.  The game has changed a lot since it first debuted.  However, the folks over at Husky Raid has changed something for all of us.

They saw something weird at the Venus Gate the other day, and by weird it was something awesome.  The guys break into a choreographed dance number from the Back Street Boys.  We all enjoy have some tunes going while we play Destiny, but now we get tunes and a show.

You have to admit, they have great stage presence.

Go to the Husky Raid YouTube channel and give them a follow, they have a ton of great Destiny videos for you to watch.  Don’t forget to give them a follow on twitter @HuskyRaidGuys where they’ll keep you up to date on their videos.

Have you been playing Destiny?  What do you think of the new expansion, The Taken King? How do you like the new changes after the patch?  What music do you listen to while playing Destiny?  Let us know in the comments below.

When my jam comes on.

When my jam comes on.



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