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BBC America’s Got a New Doctor Who Poster Plus Season 7 Scoop!

With one month to go until Doctor Who returns with the second part of season 7 BBC America has released a cool new poster plus a few more details on the new season.

 Doctor Who Motorcycles Are Cool BBC America Season 7b

Click here for a LARGE version of the image. There are tons of clues hidden in the shades. Tell us WHO you see in the comments!!!

So we’ll be back with Matt Smith’s Doctor and the impossible Clara Oswin (Jenna-Louise Coleman) on March 30th. What else do we know?

The first episode back has a title, “The Bells of St. John”, in which The Doctor and Clara will be facing off against a new set of baddies known as The Spoonheads. It has something do with dark forces in the WiFi. We can all relate, right?. The question isn’t where the episode will take place (London)… but when?

The second half of season 7 will contain 8 episodes in total written by Steven Moffat, Neil Gaiman (Coraline, Beowulf, “The Doctor’s Wife”), Mark Gatiss (Sherlock), Neil Cross (Luther) and Stephen Thompson (Sherlock).

Steven Moffat, executive producer and lead writer, said, “It’s the 50th year of Doctor Who and look what’s going on! We’re up in the sky and under the sea! We’re running round the rings of an alien world and then a haunted house. There’s new Cybermen, new Ice Warriors and a never before attempted journey to the centre of the TARDIS. And in the finale, the Doctor’s greatest secret will at last be revealed! If this wasn’t already our most exciting year it would be anyway!”

How will you be counting the days until Doctor Who returns? We suggest you start by watching the Coming Soon 2013 Trailer!

via BBC America

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