Can we make this Photoshopped shoe a thing that actually exists?

In October 2011, an Australian girl named Alex started a tumblr containing the stuff of dreams: Bilbo, My Little Ponies, Spiderman, Alice in Wonderland–all on gorgeous Lita platform boots.

Her trompe l’oeil skills are so convincing that fans think these shoes exist IRL and then go mad when they find out they are Photoshopped. People are clogging her tumblr ask-me box with wishes, insisting that she is Alladin’s genie. (Question: did Alex Photoshop Alladin onto sh!t kickers yet?)

After all of the hoopla, Alex is putting together a price list. YESSS. Remember how mad fandom went over Black Milk not so long ago? Lonely Soles should–and could–be the Black Milk of shoes. After all, a fangirl can only collect so many Batman Converse.

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