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Cosplay: Interview with Jean Gomez

We recently had the chance to talk upcoming cosplayer and GEEKPR0N reader, Jean Gomez after to talk about cons, costumes and more.

I noticed you do both Marvel and DC themed cosplays. Do you have a favorite? Who’s your favorite character?
I love the Marvel Universe when it comes to reading comics. Some of my favorites are Spider-man, X-Men, The Avengers and Punisher and when it comes to DC, I have to say that Wonder Woman is my absolute favorite! Along with Batman and Superman of course.

You mentioned you’re a con addict. What’s the best con you’ve gone to and why?
I am a self-proclaimed con addict LOL and I have to say that Phoenix Comic Con (this last year) was my favorite. It was large in size, but still managed to have a very intimate feel to it. I got to meet Greg Horn who did one of my favorite covers on Wonder Woman (when she was deputized by the Violet Lantern in the Blackest Night series) and met awesome cosplayers! I have to say that at the top of my agenda is the Big Wow Comic Fest in San Jose, CA for 2013!! I’ve heard nothing but amazing things and I can’t wait to go!

We recently posted an article about another Black Cat cosplayer and the issues she faced at Comic Con from men. Have you ever experienced anything similar with your costuming at cons? How do you overcome that?
I have to say wow… I have been very fortunate to have never been put through something like that. The most uncomfortable scenario at a con for me was when 2 guys fought over who was next to take a pic LOL! It makes me sad that she experienced something like that. I’ve heard of other cosplayers being treated the same way when they were being interviewed (but I guess all the interviewer is thinking about is getting a rise out of people so they can post it online -____-). I think one of the reasons why things don’t get weird for me is that my husband is keeping an eye out at all times. I’d like to also say that most of the fans out there (not the dudes recording for a show, blog, or a site, but the REAL fanboys), are very sweet and courteous.

I see you’re a big Punisher fan. Any plans on doing a Punisher cross-play?
I LOVE Frank Castle! And well, funny that you mention it, I have one run-through that I did of that character and I plan on perfecting it so yes, you’ll see that cosplay very soon here!

Speaking of future cosplays, do you have any mind that you can share?
I have on cosplay that I want to pull all the stops for this next  year… and that’s Psylocke! There is just something that I find so intriguing about her abilities that makes me want to be her so bad! (psychic knife and all.. hint hint!)

Jean, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us! We look forward to seeing your future work!
Thank YOU so much for taking the time to me! I enjoyed answering your questions 😉 and hope to do more work with you in the future!!!
XOXO Jean Gomez

Make sure to check out Jean’s Facebook to stay up-to-date on her cosplay and convention coverage.

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