Cosplay: Lady Loki vs Sif

Since the Avengers movie came out, I’ve been seeing what seems to be a resurgence in Marvel cosplay, specifically Avengers cosplay (yay!). As to be expected, this means tons of new, comic-book inspired, creative gender reversal cosplay which I simply love.

I’ve always found it amazing seeing people’s interpretations of our favorite superheroes as the opposite sex (which you can probably tell by the previous gender swapping galleries we’ve done in the past like the recent Lady Thor and Superheroes who get in touch with their feminine side)

In my constant internetting I came across this great little gallery featuring super talented cosplayer Yaya Han along with fellow cosplayer Riddle. You’ll definitely recognize some of Riddle’s previous cosplay from the geekosphere.

Here they are doing Lady Loki vs Sif. Who’s Sif you say? Well my dear n00b, Sif is a shield maiden Asgardian who’s in love Thor and sometimes follows him into battle. Obviously there’s a ton more about her that I can say but that would take you away from looking at this awesome gallery. I included some individual shots too so you could see how amazing the costumes are. Enjoy!


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