Cosplay: Lady Thor

Holy hot Thor! Now THIS is the Thor *I* want to see more of. Ok ok, big buff Asgardian male Thor is hot too, but you don’t get to see his glorious abs with his current armour. Hmm but in this gender-reversed universe, does that mean Sif would be the big buff warrior guardian?

Here we have Arizona’s Toni Darling doing her awesome interpretation of a female Thor. You may recognize her from her work with Geekssociated Press and New Mutiny Media. If not, you should check it out.

Source: Obvious Winner

7 Comments on Cosplay: Lady Thor

  1. Thank you for posting links to Toni’s video work, she is not only beautiful, she is very talented as well. Hot geek girl + brains + talent = WIN!

  2. Jechtsama

    Behold the Almighty Slore! Able to spray paint a bra, throw a pre bought helmet on, a cape, leather pants, and Hot Topic boots! Coming to a street corner near you. Don’t worry boys, she may look expensive but she’ll do anything for something shiny.

  3. Thor Odinson

    Shame to the name and honor of Thor. Though her pictures on adult Sites and her small porno parody was pleasing, but to think that she is Thor or has any relation to him in any version, any character, or any comic version except in fanboys sexual dreams and drawings is just sad. Shame on her and shame on anyone who thinks this to be cosplay, you can buy this outfit in any porn store along with most of Avengers as barely clothed females.

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