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Cosplay: Leeloo from Fifth Element

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Now THIS is a pretty damn spot-on Leeloo cosplay! We’ve posted some pretty kick-ass Leeloo cosplay before but I can’t believe how much cosplayer Raffi Nyaunyau actually looks like Milla Jovovich here. What I really like about this Fifth Element cosplay is that it’s not the typical Leeloo in the white straps outfit (as sexy as that is).

This reminds me, I think I’m going to hunt for some Diva Plavalaguna cosplay next! (the blue alien opera singer)

Check out Raffi’s DeviantArt page for more of her awesome cosplay.

Photos by Ayashige 2012 @ Otakufest – Bucarest, Romania
Rukii 2012 @ Animefest – Brno, Czech Republic

Source: DeviantArt

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