Cosplay: Lilith the Siren – Borderlands

I posted a pic of this cosplay on our Tumblr page but I liked it so much that I wanted to feature the full gallery here as well.

This cosplay is brought to you by award-winning cosplayer, Mel, otherwise known as WindoftheStars. Her awesome cosplays have led to a career as a professional seamstress so you know her costumes are always top notch.

Construction notes: This costume was a combination of found altered items and stuff made from scratch.
The red top was altered to be made lower cut, shorter and princess seams. Vest was also made and was one of the more challenging pieces to figure out, but I love the result! Yellow sweater was made from bright yellow jersey and a yellow sweater I harvested the trims from. The top, sweater and vest were dyed, painted and rubbed in chalk to give it the worn grimy Pandora feel. If you are running around a desert plant fight and killing things looking for the vault you are bound to be rather dirty!
Pants were purchased at Forever21 but altered a lot! I dropped the waist, removed the pockets, rivets, belt loops. I then made the chaps and sewed them directly to the grey pants and cut out the excess. I really didn’t want the bulk of the jeans and chaps, plus it made it hard to bend my knees.

Belts are poly weave. Silver belt ‘buckle’ is just ABS painted silver. The shield is made of cardboard, foam, bubble wand, vinyl and blue ELwire. I rigged it so the thing lights up in the game. This version was rather ghetto so I plan to make a much better one before next con.

The boots were off ebay. The leg armor is just unaltered craft foam since I ran out of time to make it out of ABS like I had planned. Vinyl straps keep the armor in place.

Gloves were old ones I had that were already distressed and just cut up. The wrist cuffs are just vinyl.
Atlas Revlover made by Ice_Man. Tattoos was done in Ben Nye MagiColor. Ice_Man also was the one who spent hours painting on all the tats.

Click the pics for larger version.

Photos by Darkain, Surfsama, Ice_Man,, G4.


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