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Crafty Christmas for the Geeky Masses!

Christmas is coming!! Do you want to have the same cheesy decorations as everyone else? HELL NO!!!

Wave your geek flag and create some out of the ordinary holiday decorations that will make your friends cry for joy or cringe in the shadows. 😉

Here are some ideas to get the festive juices flowing for your Crafty Christmas:



Game of Thrones Snowflake Cut Outs

Is it just me, or does the Greyjoy ones look like penises? Or really scary dildos?

Click here for instructions

gtflake-1-620x709 GoTSnowflakes1-1024x529


Nightmare Before Christmas Monster Wreath

A great way to scare the bejesus out of anyone coming up to your door!

Ahhh… *wipes away tear* I love Tim Burton.

Click here for instructions



Castiel Tree Topper

There’s no DIY for this one because it’s pretty self explanatory. But I’ve included a Castiel you can print and cut out here. Cut out a paper Castiel, put him on top of the tree. Voila! Instant Awesome Angel!





Captain America Tree Skirt

This one will probably appeal more to our friends in the south. Sweet ruffly tree-shielding! Yes, I believe I just made that word up…

Click here for instructions



Golden Snitch Ornament

Forget the fact that there’s only supposed to be ONE snitch, I want to cover my whole tree in this golden goodness!

Click here for instructions

Golden Snitch Harry Potter Ornament


8-bit Popup Cards

I’ve gotten some really cool Holiday cards before, but can’t say I’ve gotten one like this! Ok, they aren’t technically ‘holiday’ cards, but stick a Santa hat on him and VOILA! Instant festiveness!!

Click here for instructions



Superhero Ornaments

You could really do any logo on these. Maybe Game of Thrones crests? Harry Potter houses?

Click here for instructions



Piranha Plant/Fire Flower Cookies

Chances are, you already have a Snowman cookie cutter. If not, they’re easy to get a hold of. But instead of making Snowmen, turn the cookie upside down and decorate it into some Mario awesomeness!



Ok, since I’m the Crafty Geek around here, I’m guessing I should pull my weight with a few crafty ideas of my own.

Here you go!


 TARDIS and Daleks Gingerbread instead of Gingerbread Houses

The TARDIS and Dalek bodies you can make out of  a Gingerbread recipe you can find online that’s meant for building gingerbread houses. I didn’t include one here because there are so many, it’s really up to you as to what one you prefer. You’ll need a frosting recipe too. Try to make sure it’ll produce a thick icing as you don’t want it running too much while you work with it (mine was a little too runny I admit).

I don’t have a pattern to offer, but you can go here and trace just the body pieces and cut them from the rolled gingerbread to make the Daleks and the TARDIS is just a general rectangle box pattern with an extra top piece cut smaller to fit on top, 4 strips for the ‘Police Call Box’ label, then a little chunk for the light.

Decorations are as follows:

  • Metallic silver dragees for door knob and Dalek spheres
  • Viva Puffs stacked on Oreos for the Dalek heads
  • toothpicks topped with a chocolate chip for one arm and the eyestalk
  • a sliver of gingerbread for the other arm
  • cloves for the Dalek lights
  • shredded coconut for the snow

photo 3 photo 4


TARDIS/Navi In A Jar

I admit I originally made the Navi one as a joke for my daughter who hated how annoying that fairy is that follows Link around, so we thought we’d make a bottled version to indicate that we’ve SHUT HER UP!!

You can really put anything you want in these little jars. You can get the jars in packs of about 10 at Dollarama.

The Navi one is just little white puffball pompoms suspended by fishing wire glued to the lid, put some glitter in the jar and glue the lid on.

The TARDIS one is made of Fimo clay I had kicking around. I even had some glow in the dark Fimo that I used for the light on top! When it was baked and cooled, I used some glitter glue pooled in the bottom of the jar and set the TARDIS in the glue. Once that is dried (this may take a few days, leave the lid off and beware: the glue shrinks), sprinkle some glitter in the jar and glue the lid on.

NOTE: Make sure that whatever you are going to put in the jar is small enough to fit through the opening. The first couple of times I was making the TARDISes (TARDI?) they were too big and I had to start over. You can attach a keyring, necklace, or some ribbon to put them on your tree!

photo 1 photo 2


Feel free to leave a message if something doesn’t make sense and I’ll try to help. Or you can comment with a cool geeky holiday idea that YOU do every year!


As always my friends, stay crafty!!

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