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Timey Wimey Artsy Stuff–AmaZING ‘Doctor Who’ Artwork by James Hance

Lately I have been obsessing over anything and everything to do with that mad man in a box.

Throw some artwork into that mess and you’ll have this girl burning a hole in her pocket before you can say, “GERONIMO!”

Artist James Hance has indeed captured the essence of perfection that is Doctor Who. He has created beautiful sketches of the Doctors, as well as some of our favorite companions. His artwork is so fantastic, I couldn’t resist purchasing a print as I was writing this article.

This one, to be exact.

James also posts his sketches as they are a work-in-progress on his Tumblr page. Oh, and he just happened to build his very own Tardis.

AKA–I need to become friends with this guy

Here’s a sample of his work:

You can check out more of James Hance’s work on his website and even purchase some of his pieces on eBay.

(Via Tumblr)

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