Dumb Ways to Die… Again

Being one of the living dead is rough.  Not only are you dead, but your reanimated corpse is slowly rotting away and you’ll never have a good hair day again.  I couldn’t even imagine trying to scrub viscera out of my beard without having to worry about my fingernails popping off and getting stuck in the mess.  On top of all that, you’ve got every breather on the planet gunning for you.  All those “lucky” ones who haven’t died are out there thinking up ways to extinguish the only thing you have keeping you animated…  your brain.

Teddiefilms, the team responsible for the parody video “Star Wars That I Used To Know“, has put their spin on the super catchy train safety song “Dumb Ways to Die“.  Just a heads up, if you’re not caught up with the current season of The Walking Dead, there are plenty of spoilers here.


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