E3 2016: Best of Day One Recap

E3 2016 is upon us and at the end of each day we at GEEKPR0N will be collecting the biggest news of the day for your game consuming pleasure. Here are the biggest reveals of Sunday’s showings:

Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer: A whole new galaxy to explore.

BioWare invites you to explore a vast new galaxy in Mass Effect Andromeda, and with a trailer that shows off luscious planets, barren deserts, and gorgeous in game characters, it’s hard to refuse them. Check out the trailer for a taste of the fourth installment in the Mass Effect franchise, set to release early 2017.

New Zelda Wii U Art: Link’s Rock Climbing Adventure.

zelda climb

We won’t get our first good look at the latest entry in the Legend of Zelda series until tomorrow, but an update on the game’s Amazon order page has given us an early glimpse of Link in action. It may only be concept art, but the Amazon image shows off the scale of this new overworld in stunning detail.

Injustice 2 Looks like Batman V Superman if Batman V Superman was good.

The original Injustice was one of the late great surprises of last generation’s software lineups. While the game did find its way to current / next gen systems in the form of an Ultimate Edition, Injustice 2 marks the true continuation of the “what if…” DC fighter where Batman, Superman, and the like all want to tear each others’ heads off.

Holy Telltale, Batman!

Telltale Batman

Although a trailer is expected to drop later this week, today we received the first images of Telltale’s Batman game along with the announcement of the cast which includes Troy Baker (The Last of Us) as Bruce Wayne, Laura Bailey (inFamous Second Son) as Selina Kyle, and Travis Willingham (Sonic Boom) as Harvey Dent. The stills look gorgeous, and the game looks to dive deeper into the man behind the cape and cowl than any of the terrific Batman: Arkham games did.

Xbox One S Leak: 40% Slimmer, 4K video


It’s important to note that this highly rumored console has yet to be confirmed by Microsoft, though the leaked images discovered over on NeoGaf look very official. The new XBone model is allegedly 40% thinner than its predecessor, outputs 4K Ultra HD video, and features a black and white decal that looks very PS4-ish. Odds are we’ll have more information on the console tomorrow when Microsoft hits the stage for their own conference.

Other notable reveals for the day included awesome Titanfall 2 gameplay, Fifa 17 including a focused story mode, and EA going all in on esports.

Let us know in the comments what your favourite bit of gaming news from today was.

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