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Hot Girls in Star Wars Shirts

Some call it pandering, I call it sexy. Cute girls in geeky shirts are always a win with me. My only complaint, MAKE MORE GEEKY SHIRTS FOR GIRLS! Seriously, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found a wicked shirt that doesn’t fit because it’s only available in triple extra huge.

When it comes to geek paraphernalia, we ladies often get the shaft [which means whatever you want it to mean.] We are typically left with overtly girly platitudes about being the Princess who needs saving or some other bedazzled bullshit on a baby tee.

What we really want is some cool shit to add to our wardrobe and not look like we are on our way to the babysitters club. Don’t get me wrong, as you are about to see, cool shirts for girls exist. I’m just saying I want more. MOOOOOOOAAAARRRR!

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