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G33K Girl: MeltingMirror Cosplay

We first heard about MeltingMirror and her cosplay when J3SS was searching the interwebz for some Korra cosplay ideas (from Avatar: Legend of Korra) for a costume she was working on. That’s when we saw MeltingMirror’s now famous Korra photos and we were instantly fans.

Going through her site, we then learned that not only is she competing at the Master (Craftsman) level in masquerades, she’s also from our capital, Ottawa! Those two facts combined automatically make her f’n awesome in our books so we just HAD to feature her on our lil corner of le blogosphere.

This talented costumer is known internationally for her cosplay work and has been featured quite a bit in a number of websites/magazines, for obvious reasons. Not only is she stunning but her portfolio is VERY impressive. I know we can’t wait to meet her in person! (psst, come by our table at FanExpo).

The gallery is quite large as I couldn’t decide on just what to post since she’s done so much but here’s a small sampling. My favs so far are her Korra, Calypso, Aion and Shiva Sisters.

Source: Melting Mirror Cosplay

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