Ghostbusters: A 30th Anniversary Retrospective

To say that Ghostbusters is merely just some movie would be to under credit one of the biggest brands of the 80’s. The Ghostbusters in all their forms brought joy to kids and adults alike, and have easily trancended pop culture through the decades. This year the Ghostbusters turn 30, and as we know people still love these guys.  But why? What makes people so connected with these ghost bustin’ New Yorkers? Let’s break it down.

1. The Movies
In my opinion, both movies are classics and feature state of the art effects that still stand up today. The cast was great, and the movies are extremely funny with a hint of adult comedy and horror that made them original and enjoyable.  It was a simple concept, but one that allowed a great ensemble group of actors really go to town creatively.



2. The Song
One of the absolutely most recognizable theme songs in history. Good luck going to a Halloween party and NOT hearing it. Call it a guilty pleasure or whatever you want – it’s literally impossible not to like this song by Ray Parker.


3. The Cartoon
The cartoon was wicked and was basically exactly like the movies. I remember watching it every Saturday morning and clearly a lot of you do as well.


4. The Toys
There were few brands that came out with as many cool toys as the Ghosbusters line came out with. They had tons of cool monsters that did all kinds of things as well as the characters from the show. To own the Ghosbusters fire house made you a pretty cool kid in the 1980’s.

5. The Car
Easily one of the most recognizable Hollywood vehicles, probably third only to “Kit” from Knight Rider and the “Batmobile”, this car is still a huge draw at all kinds of car shows around the world. Easily the most famous Cadillac hearse/ambulance ever.

6. The Games
Whether you are a fan of the original NES game or the one they did a few years ago, both games brought many hours of fun to many people.

So there you have it – the reasons that we love the Ghostbusters so much. It’s a shame Harold Ramis passed away, but apparently they’re working on an all female version of the Ghostbusters?! Only time will tell – but that may be really cool. One thing is for sure – the Ghostbusters struck a chord inside of many people’s hearts and I’m sure many more to come.

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