Hannibal Lecter Loves Walter White’s Work.

When you find something you love, sometimes you need to shout about it from a mountaintop.  That’s what Sir Anthony Hopkins did in Malibu when he fell in love with Walter White.

After a marathon session of AMC’s Breaking Bad, Hopkins did what any great fans do, he wrote an email.  He sent it to Steven Michael Quezada, who played Gomez, to pass it along to Bryan Cranston.

In the email, he describes Cranston’s depiction of Walter White as extraordinary and stunning.  It is a nod from one brilliant actor to another.  It is an email from a fan to someone they thought brought the awesome.

This message helps us remember that it doesn’t matter who you are, you can still be a fan of someone and show how much you appreciate their work.  You can be at the top of your field and still be amazed by those around you.

Byran Cranston has not yet replied.

Let us also not forget, when you get a letter from Dr. Lecter you know you’ve attracted some notorious attention.


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