J.J. Abrams to Direct Star Wars Episode VII

The worldwide web about exploded yesterday with the unofficial announcement of J.J. Abrams directing the new Star Wars movie, which quickly went viral after just a couple hours.

While Lucasfilm nor Disney have yet to release any official statements regarding the new direction of SWVII, there has not been any form of denial, either. For now, we are treating this as a rumor…

A very, very strong rumor.

Some of the Sci-Fi world seems to be a bit shaken up by the possibility of one man taking on the final frontier AND exploring a galaxy far, far away. Will this cause the two fanbases to join together or will this only heighten the everlasting battle of the galaxies?

Can you imagine if this had happened in Fan Boys?

Personally, I’m pretty stoked about this. Judging from Abrams’ past work, he has the Sci-Fi thing hands down. With movies such as Armageddon, Super 8, Cloverfield, and, of course, the reboot of the Star Trek franchise under his belt, I think it’s safe to say that the Force is strong with this one.

Major kudos to you, good sir.

Don’t get me wrong. Just like every other Star Wars fan, the idea of continuing the saga makes me a little nervous. The original trilogy is such a classic, a precious gem, and any wrong move can send the Star Wars fandom into nothing short of immense chaos. With all of this negativity floating around about it, though, my mindset is simply this…

Nothing can be worse than those damn prequels.


I’ll be on my toes to keep everyone updated as the story continues.

Until next time, folks.



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