Just A Few Reasons I Love Leslie Knope

Parks and Recreation season 5 premiere’s tonight with “Ms. Knope Goes to Washington” and I’m totally psyched.

For the occasion I’m going to throw out just a few reasons why I love Leslie Knope, and why I believe she is one of the most inspiring characters on television.

The way she eats:

I love that she loves waffles as much as she does.

Leslie Knope Waffles Parks and Recreation


“We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.” – Leslie Knope (“The Fight”)

Parks and Recreation Leslie Knope 3 courses of dessert


Parks and Recreation Leslie and Ron eat breakfast(via)

The way she drinks:

Leslie Knope Drinks Parks and Recreation (via)

Galentine’s Day

Leslie Knope invented Galentine’s Day. How is this not amazing?

 Parks and Recreation Leslie Knope Galentine's Day

As an extension, Leslie really, truly cares about the people around her (except maybe Jerry). She has her self-centred moments, usually when extremely focused on meeting a goal but she also goes out of her way to ensure that all her friends and colleagues know that they are appreciated and she is thinking of them. She is known for her amazing Christmas gifts including a certified gold Mouse Rat record for Andy, Donna a customized luxury bathrobe, a tiny throne and a baller-time watch for Tom when he couldn’t get tickets to the Watch the Throne tour, an picture of April having slaughtered the Black Eyed- Peas, and automatic doors for Ron’s office.

She Sets Goals & Plans to Actually Achieve Them

Something that is so inspiring about Leslie Knope is the way she sets goals and then follows through. It might be something that seems small like turning a ditch into a park. She sees this as a very real challenge in a city bogged down with bureaucracy and refuses to give up. She doesn’t just see a ditch, she sees the current hazard, and the bright potential in that small square of land. It took a lot of time and effort but Leslie pulled through to see her small dream begin to turn into reality.


It took guts  and sacrifice for Leslie to run for council. It was part of her dream, and destiny and she went out and made it happen. Even if she hadn’t ended up with the win, the campaign, and the willingness to put herself out there and really give it her all was amazing.

She expertly brings Harry Potter into real life conversation:

Leslie Knope Voldemort Parks and Recreation(via)

 Those are just a few reasons why I adore Leslie Knope and am really looked forward to the season 5 premiere tonight! Let me know why you love Leslie in the comments!

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