Justice League Trailer is Here, and it looks awesome

“I believe that an enemy is coming from far away. I’m looking for warriors.”

Over at the geek Mecca that is San Diego Comic Con, DC and Warner Bros. Pictures just debuted the first footage from the upcoming Justice League movie alongside a promotional image featuring the whole team. And good news, fan boys and girls, it looks very cool.

In the three minute Justice League trailer alone we see more of Cyborg, Aquaman, and the Flash than we did during their measly introductions during Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The promotional image also features Superman in the forefront – which is technically a spoiler if you’ve seen the end of BVS? Ehh, we all knew he’d show up in this movie anyway, it’s probably best to come right out with it like they’re doing here.

These new characters seem more fleshed out, and their costumes look great, but what’s most exciting about this trailer is the injection of humour to Snyder’s dark world. We weren’t thrilled with Batman V Superman, taking issue with its bleakness and lack of heart. Already we’re seeing a much lighter movie universe; Barry Allen cracking wise with Bruce Wayne; Batman and Wonder Woman joking about Aquaman’s enthusiasm to join the team. It’s adjustments like this that let fans know that the execs over at DC are listening. This is still a dark world, but why not have a goof or two once in a while?

But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at some stills from the trailer!


Justice League, assemble!

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What do you think about the trailer? Let us know in the comments (DC GET HYPE).

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