Latest Batman v. Superman clip teases a breaking point

In the midst of all this Star Wars hype going into December, it’s easy to forget about some of the blockbusters headed our way in 2016.  Fortunately, DC & Warner Bros. are here to remind us.

The film that will essentially kick off next year’s onslaught of heavy-hitter movies, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, went and dropped a new teaser to give us an idea of just what’s in store.

It doesn’t give us a whole lot, being one of those “teaser-for-a-trailer” things that are all the rage these days.  But what is shown is fairly self-evident: Superman, pushed to a breaking point, has Batman captive and helpless.  He’s chained along with other nameless types, in a bunker clearly owned by the Son of Krypton, as the soldiers presiding all bow to him in a sort of reverence.

Pretty darn ominous, eh?  As I observed in the first trailer, we’re once again treated to a silent Superman, which by this point seems like a deliberate choice.  While the first trailer went out of its way to portray Superman as some kind of underdog, here he is clearly the aggressor.  In truth, I’m having a hard time seeing Superman’s true character in either portrayal.  Superman is hardly a believable underdog in most situations, yet the role of the relentless aggressor doesn’t suit the man in blue, who is predominantly known for his pacifism and fairness to others.  Of course I’m nitpicking here, as undoubtedly for a film titled “Batman versus Superman”, both heroes will likely push each other to the brink to ensure that we, as movie fans, get a satisfying no-holds-barred duel.  That being said, personification even in the marketing campaign is key; I need to feel like Batman is fighting Superman, rather than just some super-powered foe.

Oh, and I’m still not buying Bat-fleck.

The final tease from the teaser says we’ll be getting the full trailer this coming Wednesday during the Jimmy Kimmel show, so let’s see if we get a better idea of what’s in store when more pieces of the puzzle are revealed.

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