Listen To: Cold Warps

Are Cold Warps Canada’s answer to The Nerves?

It may be too early to ask a question like that but given the strength of this Halifax outfit’s LP which is comprised of their two cassette-only releases, we may have something big on our hands.

Smashing The Ramones and The Beatles together into a lo-fi fuzzy blend of power-pop punk rock is not a far cry from Cold Warps’ sound, and with songs about stupid tattoos, science fiction, annoying friends and other nerdy stuff, what’s not to love?

The band played to a semi-packed house at Parts and Labour during NXNE to a crowd of dedicated fans whose endless pogoing threatened to crack the concrete floor. And you can bet that tunes like “Let’s Just Fun,” “Hang Up On You” and “Endless Bummer” among others were collectively bouncing around the heads of the crowd for days after. I know they were in mine.

The LP contains most of the material they played that sweaty night and you can stream it here for your listening pleasure. By the time side one is done, you’ll be wishing you were there. And after the last song plays, you’ll be itching for them to play a gig in your town. Just make sure to remember your pogo shoes.

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