Listen To: Meeko Cheech

Most up and coming musicians are compared to other similar artists, you know the old “If blank and blank had a musical baby” cliche, but Meeko Cheech can’t be put in quite a neat little box. If you have to call it something, go ahead and say his music is psychedelic-electric-post-punk-indie-rock, or whatever you want really, just as long as you give it a listen.

Check out his last album, ‘Capricorn Sideways’, and if you dig his groovy sound as much as I do, make sure you pick up his new EP ‘Motif’ at his Saturday March 2nd release show. If you can’t wait until then, head on over to Silent Shout to preview the brand new song, ‘Mask’ and if you’re nowhere near Toronto, head on over to Meeko Cheech’s website to find out how to get your own copy.

Meeko Cheech, 'Motif' available March 2013

Meeko Cheech, ‘Motif’ available March 2013

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