Marvel Announces The Death of Wolverine

This morning Entertainment Weekly broke big comic news. Marvel announced that they’re killing off Wolverine in September. After 40 years, Wolverine has lost his healing factor, and this summer Marvel is planning a story arc called “3 Months to Die” which will culminate in September’s 4-part mini-series called The Death of Wolverine.

Death of Wolverine -- exclusive image

The story line will be written by relative new comer to Marvel, Charles Soule and will be illustrated by Steve McNiven who is well known for his work on the infamous Wolverine story arc Old Man Logan. The first issue will release September 3rd followed by an issue a week until the final event on September 24th. Soule has said that he hopes that the story rings true for readers. Comic book deaths can feel inconsequential since every character except Uncle Ben ultimately comes back, but Marvel says that Wolverine’s absence will be felt. There will be repercussions across the Marvel U as his various team mates face his loss. Marvel is promising to reveal more news about the event at their “Wolverine: 3 Months to Die” panel at C2E2 this weekend.

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