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We’ve all had some time to absorb the latest season of The X-Files.  It had been a long time coming, but Fox managed to pull together Season 10, and we all got to watch it.  Granted, there was some NFL playoffs to navigate around, but we all got to remember those episodes of old.

We had some experts on the X-files come in and talk with us, joining some of the Nerds were Tanya and Lindsay.  The word fan would not do them all justice.  Lindsay, Miles, and Tanya are super fans who know their mythology inside and out.  If you need someone who knows their X-Files lore, they will be able to answer your questions.

If you’ve followed the season this year, you know the last episode was a bit of a confusing one for us.  Diana McCallum did an interview with Robbie Amell (Agent Miller,) which shed some light on what was happening with that last episode.

While there is no confirmation on a season 11 for The X-Files, it looks like Chris Carter and Fox are both open to the idea.

Did you watch the previous season of The X-Files?  Did you like the mix of mythology and monster of the week?  Do you hope that the show will get renewed for one more season?  Which episode was your favourite, and what should have happened in the Babylon episode?  Let us know in the comments below.

scully gif

You get it, Scully. One more season of X-Files.


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