New Arrested Development is coming at you, all at once, and soon!

On Wednesday the Bluth’s reunited with their creator, Mitch Hurwitz to deliver Arrested Development news that is guaranteed to explode the internet yet again. The cast and creator gathered to talk about the show’s long awaited season 4 (it’s been 7 years!!!), unique story and distribution structure and the possibility of an upcoming movie!

First thing’s first: Arrested Development will arrive on Netflix, its new home, in May (date to be determined) with all 14 chapters being released at once! A word of advice to spoiler-phobes… you have from now until May to get over it, schedule vacation time or be prepared to take a “sick day”.

The story is divided into 14 chapters that work as building blocks to form a complete story.  Each from the point-of-view of a different character and can theoretically be watched in any order and still make sense. The same scenes appear in multiple chapters revealing different information each time.The chapters vary in length depending on the way that story is being told, but will all work out to be around 3o minutes long.

Hurwitz promises lots of surprises for fans, the trade-off for the high levels of secrecy surrounding the project.

As for a movie, Jason Bateman continues to tease us, as he comments that the Netflix episodes could be building towards a future movie, and we can continue to dream…


Will you be staying home the day Arrested Development appears on Netflix? Which characters are you looking forward to reuniting with the most?

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