New Web Series Deathly Spirits Premieres Today

When you think of the Evil Dead franchise, who immediately comes to mind?  Ok…well, Bruce Campbell obviously.  But, what actor had cameo roles in all of the Sam Raimi directed Spider-Man films?  Hmm…well yes Bruce Campbell did that too.  But when Xena: Warrior Princess is the topic of discussion, who’s reoccurring guest role is the first to be mentioned?  What?  Campbell again!  Dammit! Who has a cameo in The Great and Powerful OzDarkman?  I give up.

Deathly Spirits - Ted Raimi

The role of fake Shemp is a thank-less job.

Let’s start over.  Ted Raimi, may often move in the same circles as pal Bruce Campbell, but he’s a popular actor, producer, and director in his own right.  As a young teenager, Raimi acted as a stand-in or ‘fake Shemp’ for the original Evil Dead.  In Evil Dead 2, he portrayed Henrietta in her possessed state and by Army of Darkness played three distinct roles.  An underrated character actor, Raimi’s career has included numerous small roles and cameo appearances.  He seems to have a lot of fun with these characters and gives even the smallest role an endearing charm.  Often disguised under make-up, fake beards, wigs, and even prosthetics, you may have enjoyed some of Raimi’s performances without even realizing it was him.  He is probably best known, however, for the role of Joxer the Mighty on both Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess.

Deathly Spirits - The many faces of Ted Raimi

The many faces of Ted Raimi

Now Mr. Raimi is launching a new web series titled Deathly Spirits.  The description on the YouTube channel describes the series as, “Scary stories told over a cocktail!  Come in out of the dark – out of the rain!  Each week, veteran horror actor and director Ted Raimi tells a new creepy tale and teaches you how to mix a classic drink.  Keep your drink steady in your hand – IF you can with this gruesome nod to old-time radio drama!”

Raimi announced via Twitter that the series will premiere today Friday, April 3rd (in actual fact the first video went up late last night).  He also provided a link to the teaser above.  Scares, Ted Raimi, and mixed drinks?  Sounds like a winning combination to me.

Deathly Spirits - Ted Raimi with Skull


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