Official Toronto ComiCON Kick Off Party

Holy wicked party, Batman! Friday’s Toronto ComiCON kick off party was so incredible I barely have words. I want to give special thanks to everyone that helped make this party happen – we couldn’t have done any of this without you.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors Cubeworks, ThinkGeek, Waygoz, Silver Snail, and Body of Art for donating the wicked prizes we gave away.

Thank you to Toronto Batman, Bowmanitis, and the Nerdy Stripper for keeping us entertained all night.

Thank you to Tia Carrere, Kristanna Loken, Fearless Fred Kennedy, and the GEEKPR0N Girls for coming out and making the night extra special.

Thank you to Dj’s Dwight and Misty for keeping our asses shakin’ on the dance floor.

And last, but certainly not least, thank you Fan Expo Canada and Tattoo Rock Parlour for letting us throw this little shindig. This year is gonna be BIG… so if you missed this party, no worries…the month of May will bring a disturbance in the Force…will you be ready?

Photos by Lindsey McKague

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