One Year of G33KPRON

Friday May 4th marked the 1 year anniversary of our first post on

Since launch, GEEKPR0N has had the pleasure of working with awesome staff and contributors. Everything we’ve become has only been possible though the hard work, talent, and support of our friends and fans.

We’re so happy you guys are diggin’ what we are doing and I gotta say, it has made it all worth it. The year ahead is going to be busy and we can’t wait to reveal the surprises we’ve got up our sleeves.

I’d also like to give a special shout-out  to everyone who has worked with us in the past. Thank you for your donations, performances, services and appearances, we cannot express how much this means to us:

A&C Games, Alliance Films, Aviva Rosnick, Bowmanitis, Body of Art Tattoo, Cubeworks, Darren Phiffer, Dj Dwight, Dj Misty, Ed the Sock & Liana K, Fan Expo Canada, Fred Kennedy, Gasoline Alley, Hard Luck Bar, Harth.TV, Kristanna Loken, Lindsey McKague, Merch Guy, Nerd Girl Pin-ups, Netgurus, Noire Nadine, PlaydeadPlum Tattoos, Red Herring Burlesque, Rhett Morita, Seven Crowns Tattoo, Silver Snail, Tattoo Rock Parlour, Tia Carrere, The Bait Shop, The Nerd Mafia, The Nerdy Stripper, The Nightmares, The Salads, Think Geek, The Sun, The Annex Wreckroom, Toronto Batman,Waygoz, and Yarn of Despair.

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