On the Rack: Captain Marvel #1

Carol Danvers is back in the Captain Marvel suit as her solo title gets rebooted this week. Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and with art by David Lopez, Captain Marvel sets up some big changes for Carol. Fans of Carol Danvers know that she hasn’t held the title of Captain Marvel for very long, before she was known as Ms Marvel, a human who got her powers through an accident when an explosion turned her into a human-kree hybrid. She spent a bit of time adjusting to these powers, but now, as Captain Marvel, Carol is ready to kick some ass.

marvel page 2

This new issue #1 finds Carol content in her life. She is a superhero keeping watch over New York, she’s begun a romance with James “Rhodey” Rhodes (aka Iron Patriot, he is best known for being a good friend of Tony Stark), everything seems to be as it should. But Carol is restless and when Iron Man suggests there might be some benefit to having an Avenger stationed in space to help out, someone who might work with the Guardians of the Galaxy, she jumps at the opportunity.

marvel page

Despite the fact that Carol is headed into the realm of the cosmic, DeConnick’s script is down to earth. Carol is portrayed as a realistic woman; she makes mistakes, she questions herself and she even has a fan girl moment over Star Wars (it’s hysterical). She is such a relatable character that it makes Captain Marvel a lot of fun to read. The setup of an Avenger in space and the promise of an appearance by the Guardians guarantees that Carol will see lots of action and that Captain Marvel is definitely a book to follow.

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