Saucy Miso on EVE Radio

CCP Game’s EVE Online is probably the worlds best cyber-future, hyper technology all around awesome sci-fi MMOG on the planet. Those who love this game (or live this game) affectionately call it “internet spaceships!”  I say live because EVE Online has such a deep and loyal fan-base that it even has it’s own unofficial radio station serving the EVE Online community since 2003.  AND it’s entirely volunteer run!

Well you can now add me, GEEKPR0N’s very own dread headed avatar, Saucy Miso, as one of those star faring volunteers!  I’m pleased to announce EVE Radio now has a little Saucy and I’ll be debuting a weekly electronic music showcase live every Thursday 0300 – 0500 GMT starting next week Thursday October 18th for EU, UK listeners and 10pm Wednesday October 17th for North American listeners.

EVE Radio is awesome because it is run by fans but also offers a fully operational 7/24 broadcast schedule with a diverse range of content. And while this service does cater to and revolve around the futuristic New Eden cluster, it is an earthbound ancient Terra global radio station with mass appeal. For example my show will be a two hour segment among a 10 hour electronic music schedule known by fans as EDM Wednesdays.

My goal is to serve up some cutting-edge underground electronic music programming but also bring a little g33kpron grrl !!KA-POW!! to the EVE galaxy.

So, tune-in by surfing over to, every week, Thursdays 0300 GMT, or over here on this side of the pond, Wednesdays at 10pm! Also keep a close eye on Saucy’s Twitter and Facebook for programming announcements!  In game there’s an EVE Radio chat channel during show time and if you are not in game you need to watch this…

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