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As a lady geek, I’m always looking for new ways to express my nerdom that don’t include cutting up an over-sized comic book shirt to fit me. I want something classy, unique and beautiful. I want Slashpile and ALL OF THE THINGS!

Geek chic jewelry designers Courtney and Tara Neray know that beauty is found in unexpected places.

The twin sisters behind Slashpile Designs have not only designed diamond molecule rings, earrings and necklaces, but have also whipped up a clever line featuring the molecular structure of theobromine – the main ingredient found in cocoa and chocolate.

We created our diamond and chocolate pieces when we were expanding the molecule line. We previously had caffeine and alcohol molecules in production. The idea was that you can ‘wear your vice’ and of course chocolate is a well-loved obsession.

In 2009, Courtney and Tara created 1200 finisher medals for the Toronto Women’s half-marathon. Slashpile Designs also craft flower brooches and hair clips from old fabric scraps and make bicycle gear inspired cufflinks for men.

Slashpile’s life experience inspired collections include:

Injury Series – Dislocated shoulder, scoliosis, broken leg? Not everyone pictures their injuries as an inspiration for jewellery, but in the sister’s minds, these are more than just twisted pendants. They hold meaning for the wearer and serve beautifully as awards for recovery, get well items and mementos.

Drug and H20 Molecules Series – Alcohol or THC molecule earrings anyone? Or maybe a caffeine necklace? This fun line of jewellery is based on the molecules of mind-altering drugs. Wear your vice. Start a conversation. Not into drugs? Everyone drinks water!

“What I want to be…” Charm Necklaces –Do you remember your childhood career plans? I bet they were very different from what you actually do now! (or maybe not!) This necklace lets you show off that dream–whether it was to be an astronaut, artist, rockstar, teacher…or something equally exciting!

Lost & Found Rings
– These rings are all one-of-a-kind, made with stones that have been collected from places far and wide; some of them chipped, cast away from old jewellery and unwanted. In this collection, Tara and Courtney give these stones a new and happy home! They can be stacked, mixed and matched or worn individually.

Looking for something even more unique? Let Tara and Courtney bring your artistic vision to life with a custom, one of kind piece crafted just for you! Custom work includes a pendant made from a 40-year-old chestnut blossom; a sweet sixteen white gold snowflake charm bracelet representing a birthday on the coldest day of the year; roller derby pendants featuring roller skates and customized with player numbers; and scallop shell jewellery symbolizing the historically famous Camino de Santiago Spanish pilgrimage route in Spain.

Check out the rest of Slashpile’s pieces on their official site and Etsy store.

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