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Smokin’ Hot Kristanna Loken

The Official Toronto ComiCON Kick Off Party is fast approaching. So, for all you “maybes”, I’ve created this little gallery of the beautiful Kristanna Loken to show you what you’ll missing if you don’t get your lazy ass off the couch.

I mentioned she’s coming to the party, right? 

Kristanna Loken isn’t just a pretty face she’s smart, kind, and a humanitarian. R.O.C.K., Circle of Life Camp, and The Lundin for Africa Foundation are just a handful of charities where Kristanna is personally involved.

Born and raised in upstate New York on her parents fruit farm, LoveApple Farm, Kristanna grew up loving the outdoors. Hiking and horseback riding are just a few of her favorite hobbies when she’s not out saving the world.

So what makes her such an icon? Aside from her incredible charity work, Kristanna has appeared in several nerd cult films including Blood Rayne, Terminator 3, and television show, Pain Killer Jane.

Come out and meet Kristanna in RL! Until then….

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