So I Hear The Avengers is F’N AWESOME

So the results are in and apparently Joss Whedon’s Avengers is incredible and everything we hoped it would be and more. Don’t believe me? Read the “reviews” below from the world premiere.

Keep in mind, there’s a review block in place, as is usually the case for premieres, but you can definitely tell from what they DID say that it’s going to be one hell of a kick-ass movie.

Now, I know I’m probably NOT helping by setting all our expectations so high, but I typically don’t disagree with a lot of these tweeters below like my future BFF Chris Hardwick.

Reading these, along with my new found addiction of Marvel Avengers: Alliance, is really making me antsy to see this movie of epic awesomeness.

Check out the tweets below.

So for the a.m. crowd, AVENGERS is everything you ever wanted from a movie like this but feared you’d never see. Joss killed it. Enjoy.
— Christos Gage (@Christosgage) April 12, 2012

Saw the @Avengers last night. Don’t think I’m allowed to tell you how awesome it was, but Whedon did not fail us, and Hulk did smash :)
— Beau Ryan (@beauryan) April 12, 2012

Seriously, if comic book movies are your thing, you will be fully satisfied by the concoction Joss Whedob has fixed for you with #AVENGERS.
— Anthony Breznican (@Breznican) April 12, 2012

So that was AMAZING. Like, double plus awesome. Thank you Joss Whedon for giving us all the #Avengers movie we deserve. #OnlyYou
— Seth Green (@SethGreen) April 12, 2012

Just got out of the Avengers premiere. My favorite superhero film ever, no hyperbole.
— Rick Remender (@Remender) April 12, 2012

THE AVENGERS. Finally, a Marvel film with a rousing finish. I’ll deal with the first two acts in my review.
— Jeremy Smith (@mrbeaks) April 12, 2012

The Avengers – Epic. EPIC! Everyone fights everyone, but it does deliver. Marvel’s movies get better every single one. Hulk! HULK!!
— Alex Billington (@firstshowing) April 12, 2012

One of our writers went to see #Avengers last night in LA: “it is seriously the best god-damn movie I have seen in years.”
— SciFiNow (@SciFiNow) April 12, 2012

The Avengers is pretty epic. There is probably more action in this film’s climax than all the other Marvel movie combines!
— Peter Sciretta (@slashfilm) April 12, 2012

We know what you’re thinking, and yes, we have seen the first big blockbuster of the summer. Our verdict? AVENGERS SMASH!
— Empire Magazine (@empiremagazine) April 12, 2012

‘The Avengers’ is a big tub of popcorn heaven. A huge grin on my face throughout and much applause from the crowd too. Well done Mr. Whedon.
— edgarwright (@edgarwright) April 12, 2012

They took away my phone, so I couldn’t say this earlier, but wow: The Avengers is very, very good. That was a lot of movie.
— Lev Grossman (@leverus) April 12, 2012

AVENGERS is good enough to make me forgive IRON MAN 2.
— Devin Faraci (@devincf) April 12, 2012

GAHHHHH!!!! Avengers was delightful kick-assery with whipped fun on top!!! Well done Joss et al!
— Chris Hardwick (@nerdist) April 12, 2012

When asked “what time did you get up?” the number 4 should NEVER be in front of your answer. #AvengersWasWorthWaitingAnExtraDayToFly
— Chris Hardwick (@nerdist) April 12, 2012

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