Star Wars The Old Republic Fan Film “Hope”

How many of you out there are now addicted to SWTOR? Not too shabby of a game right? For those that are still gaming challenged, SWTOR is like WoW in space or is that Piiiiigs Innnn Spaaaaace… god I love the muppets… but I digress.

Remember that opening sequence in the game? You know, the one that was better than all 3 prequels? Well a group of hardcore Star Wars fans from France recreated the entire CG intro – shot by shot (only in French but hey it’s subtitled).

Directed and edited by: Michael Schaack (From France – Lorraine – Metz)
(contact: [email protected])
Costume by: Sebastien Zunino / Sabine Perfetto / Maxime Claire
Sound Design Re-Arranged by: Yann Jenny
Starring: Yann Salim Abidi / Alex Martin / Paolo Bianconi
Visual Effects Supervisor: Michael Schaack
3D Animation / Modelling Supervisor: Amaury Brunet
(contact: [email protected])
Stunt Coordinator: Jean-Charles Rousseau
Location: Woippy Lorraine (Fort Gambetta) France

Source: Obvious Winner