Superhero Boot Camp Ep. 1

Alright ladies, summer’s on its way and so is convention season. Time to get back into shape for your favorite cosplays and what better way to start than with Liz Katz’s Superhero Boot Camp!

In this first episode, Liz teaches you how to stretch like Catwoman (yoga stretches), needed before any strenuous workout. Sure this looks sexy and fun, but trust us, it’s a lot harder than it looks!

Ever Want to be a Superhero? Wish you had Super Strength, Flexibility, Agility? Want to Learn how to scale walls, pick locks, Fight, or use a lightsaber? Join Superhero Boot Camp! Suscribe to Join!!!

Watch and learn from superhero, villains, or other video game and comic book characters! Get into Shape, Try something new, and be Epic!

Next week I teach yo some self defense tricks and how to escape from handcuffs or other binds!

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