The Slytherin House Mixtape: Watch the Trailer

Slytherin Mixtape Cover ArtToday Adam WarRock announced the theme and trailer for the follow up to “The Browncoats Mixtape”, a highly successful full length fan-fic hip-hop album made with frequent collaborator Mikal kHill.

The pair will be working together again on “The Slytherin House Mixtape. A Harry Potter themed album is perfectly timed for fans hungry for more Potter goodness since the series of books and accompanying movie franchise came to an end.

WarRock, affectionately known as the Comic Book Rapper is a prolific creator. With an ever growing discography under his belt, he has truly earned his title. His love of comics, TV and other pop culture geeky goodness oozes from his lyrics in a way that makes any fan feel connected immediately.

Click through to watch the trailer and get a taste of what’s to come on “The Slytherin House Mixtape”

Hold onto your wands Potter fans, it’s a bit of a wait, the Slytherin Mixtape comes out June 4, 2012.

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For more on Adam WarRock check out my interview with the comic book rapper himself, and his Parks & Rec EP. WarRock is currently on tour supporting the release of his more recent full length album “You Dare Call That Thing Human?!?”

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