This Episode of ‘Squaresville’ Explains the Problem of Geek Elitism to a T

“It’s not what you like, it’s how you treat people”

If you haven’t been watching “Squaresville” this is the time to start, it is equal parts funny, sweet, smart and awesome.

This web series starring Mary-Kate Wiles and Kylie Sparks is about navigating teen best-friendship, relationships and all the things that go along with growing up in the suburbs. It’s also about being a geek, misfit, nerd and it all comes out in an incredibly authentic way.

In episode 19, “Come Together”, Percy (Austin Rogers) addresses an issue in nerdom that we see everyday. Elitism over who can like what, what you can like, and ownership over liking things.

“Come Together” might be considered a bit of a spoiler for the series but if you want to steer clear of being spoiled the first 3 minutes are safe. This episode opens with Percy (Austin Rogers) hanging out with his friends and gaming club. There has been tension within the group about exactly what kind of gaming is allowed within the group, and judgements that go with.

“This sort of stuff, this is why people call us nerds. Everyone likes Star Wars now, everyone likes comic books, everyone likes nerdy stuff. It’s not about what you like, it’s about how you treat other people. And every time you mock someone for not knowing the difference between the Battle of Alganesh and the Sword of Aldranon it’s making us nerds look bad. Like what you like, love what you like, just don’t put people down for having other tastes than you.”


Now you can spend the hour or so catching up on the previous 18 episodes, or re-watch them!

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