Walk Off The Earth Go Viral

The latest viral media hit on youtube is a song done by one of Burlington Ontario’s own. The band Walk Off The Earth just surpassed 7 million views in less than a week for their cover of the Gotye song, “Somebody That I Used To Know.” The video features the band and singer Sarah Blackwood, gathering around a single acoustic guitar which they all play at the same time. With their combined strumming, picking and beating it like a drum they manage to create a sound that is every bit as unique as it is sublime.

The video even grabbed the attention of actor Russell Crowe who tweeted for his followers to check out the song because it was, “brilliant.” If you haven’t heard it you’ve probably been living under a rock (or playing non-stop Skyrim) so I’ve taken the liberty of posting it right here on GEEKPR0N for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Walk Off The Earth have what it takes to be more than a one hit wonder, and you can watch more of their videos and keep up to date on upcoming news and releases at

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