Watch The Darth Vader Yule Log This Christmas

Hello there. Are you an inhuman monster? Do you like to fall asleep at night to the thought that when you hit a child with your car it’s likely going to go under rather than over and dent your hood?

Then maybe you need the image of a burning human being on your screen this holiday season…. It’s the Darth Vader Yule Log!

That’s right you too can watch the corpse of a quadruple amputee burn for five hours you insane nerfhearder.

Not only that but you will be watching a man who became disfigured by falling into literal liquid fire and if you watch this video now you will literally be watching his body burn for a second time for five hours you trash compactor monster.

You might be thinking, upon clicking the video that we are exaggerating as when this starts playing you can clearly hear the John Williams music and see Luke and all of that good stuff. But then it just all fades away and you’re left with the sound of a burning human and crickets.

So click on this insanely morbid link you Sith reject now and watch the burning remains of a human being burn to celebrate your holiday season.

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