Watch these Transformers perform “The Touch” (From The Transformers: The Movie)

Those of you that know GEEKPR0N know that we love being a part of epic parties and this year’s Nerd Noise Night for the Fan Expo 2013 after-party was no exception.

The night was a phenomenal success and sold out quickly with all the bands being absolutely incredible! If you’re into comedy, nerdcore hip hop, electronica, or straight up geeky anthems from your favorite 80’s cartoons, then this was the party for you!

Starting off the night were Nerds with Guitars, doing their always witty acoustic performance – think Tenacious D with a dash of Star Trek. I love these guys! You can catch them weekly at The Rose and Crown here in Toronto for your weekly dose of geekism.

photo by John Maynard

Next up was brentalfloss, known for playing gaming conventions around the US adding lyrics to all your favorite video game themes. Her certainly didn’t disappoint and the fans really loved him. As soon as I heard the theme from MegaMan my ears perked up!


photo by John Maynard

Following brentalfloss was More or Les. Now THIS guy killed it. He started off his short set with his comedy fueled rhymes around food. 10 minutes into his set he ran backstage and appeared back with a Doctor Who t-shirt and just KILLED it with an entire mini set rapping about the Doctor, Daleks and more. Highlight of his set was his tribute to the Master rapping on top of the now famous 4-beat from the Master’s two hearts. More or Les then jumped on to the turntables and out came Wordburglar, Canada’s (and our) favorite nerdcore rapper. This boy has talent and is such a huge supporting member of our little nerd community.


photo by John Maynard

Check out his video below featuring one of our favorite comic shops, the Silver Snail!

Wordburglar featuring More or Les

Now before the closing act, COINS jumped on stage to change up the music a bit and give fans the chance to dance before getting their faces blown off. This was the perfect prelude to the final act, especially with COINS’ robot costume.


photo by John Maynard

Ending the night was our new favorite nerd rock band, The Cybertronic Spree. Why you ask? They performed the entire soundtrack from the 1986 The Transforms movie soundtrack! Yeah, you heard me. Hot Rod, Unicron, A Quintesson, Rumble, Spike Witwicky, and Arcee all on stage performing. Oh and lets not forget the special guest appearance by none other than Weird Al!

All in all, we’re so f’n proud of being a part of this night, and we definitely plan on bringing many more events like this to all of you. A huge thanks to all the acts, and especially to Nerd Noise Night for letting us take part in the amazing evening. 2014 will be full of awesomeness, so stay tuned!


photo by John Maynard


photo by John Maynard


photo by John Maynard


photo by John Maynard

Nerd Noise Night 2013 –
The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern –
Video by Endless Films –
Still photography by Paul Hillier –

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