Being female in the industrial scene, I’ve been wanting to write a story about what went down at the Kinetik Industrial Electro Festival in Montreal in late May. But alas, time and space has been wanting. In short, this annual festival was a squee inducing good time with over 30 amazing bands and DJs rocking Montreal over the course of 4 days.

But one band in particular, Toronto based Ad.ver.sary rocked the boat  a little more than usual with a message that should be near and dear to any self respecting industrial loving g33k girl zealot (like me!). Keep reading to find out more…

Then comes Mr. DJ Matt Pathogen of Chicago on I die: U die: with an amazing article where he humbly facilitates real female perspectives, with female industry voices! Props to my industrial sisters! And an industrial sized hug to Mr. Pathogen!

It May Shock You To Find That Our Female Comrades Have An Opinion As Well

In case you suffer from the dual conditions of being an industrial fan and living under a rock, here’s some knowledge: On the opening night of Festival Kinetik 5.0 in Montreal, Jairus Khan of Ad·ver·sary issued a decidedly unambiguous challenge to the industrial music community in the form of a scathing video backdrop while he and Antigen Shift closed their set. Upset by what he perceived as a rising surge of regressive tendencies in a scene he’s lived and loved for a long time, he threw down the proverbial gauntlet on the subjects of racism and sexism by leveling a stunningly audacious criticism of the acts he was opening for, Combichrist and Nachtmahr, and their utilization of blunt-force shock tactics in their imagery, videos and lyrical content. It has launched an incredible and near-universal discussion on the subject, a result that took many of us pleasantly by surprise.

 Now curl up g33ks, pull up a blankie, and grab your hot chocolate because it’s now Story Time with Uncle Pathogen…


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