Captain Canuck for Canada Day!

Last year on Canada Day the first of five episodes of the Captain Canuck web series had its launch at the Silver Snail. This year, there is a hefty sixty four page comic—available for free while quantities last– and the Snail is again holding a Captain Canuck party!

Captain Canuck Summer Special!

Captain Canuck Summer Special!

The book includes not only two new stories, but also a load of “DVD extras” from the webseries, and a listing of Canadian Comic Conventions for 2014 & 2015. It opens with a letter from original creator Richard Comely, whose work on the book includes a writer credit on the second story “True North” and cover credit for one the variant covers.  Canada’s Governor General, David Johnston, also has a brief message to readers.


Richard Comely's Variant Cover

Richard Comely’s Variant Cover

The first story, written by Paul Gardner and Dean Henry, is set on July first and may or may not include references to Sasquatches, flying aircraft carriers, and kidnapped Prime Ministers. Keep an eye out for the Captain’s fashion sense!

The second story, Comely’s True North, includes a road trip, time travel, and discussion of an invasive alien species (I’m not talking about zebra mussels here).  George Freeman’s art and colouring (with colouring co-credit going to Laurie Smith) give this second story a much grittier feel than the first tale.

Webseries Poster - The Cap still looks good!

Webseries Poster – The Cap still looks good!

And those DVD extras? They include character bios and background from the webseries, interviews with both Universal Design’s David Pea and an excerpt from Geekpr0n’s own Hope Nicholson’s article with Kalman Andrasofvsky (link). Plus there’s a complete timeline (with photos) of the webseries from initial concept to the final party on March 6, 2014. How do I know the time line’s correct? I was at every public event listed. There’s even a photo with me, Ajay Fry and Wordburglar on page 47!

So Happy Canada Day – hope you can spend some time with Captain Canuck!

And if you’re experiencing rainy weathers,  you can always watch the webseries again!

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