Introducing Fright Bytes!

I’m stoked and honoured to announce the launch of the new horror review channel FRIGHT BYTES! Hosted by RL friend and mega babe Lianne Spiderbaby (writer at Fangoria, author of the upcoming Grindhouse Girls) and Jay 3KB (popular YouTube gaming/film review show 3KILLABYTES).

We’ll be posting their videos as often as we can. Hit the jump for more info and to watch their first episode, Scream 4 review.

This is what they are saying about their new channel.

Lianne Spiderbaby

FRIGHT BYTES is a review show, a horror discussion show, and we will also be interviewing special guests. Plus, we will get you juiced up on some old, sleazy exploitation grindhouse flicks from the vault. You may catch a few behind-the-scenes glimpses into the secret lives of FRIGHT BYTES hosts, as well.

In the first episode of FRIGHT BYTES, Lianne Spiderbaby and Jay 3KB spoof SCREAM, review SCREAM 4, discuss SHOCK STOCK 2011, and you’ll get into bed with Ms. Spiderbaby to talk THE CENTERFOLD GIRLS in our grindhouse segment, DIARY OF THE DEUCE.


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